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Now available online: The Shadow Conflict December 27, 2011

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As promised, I have uploaded the entire story on my Scrib account.  You can find it at the following location: http://www.scribd.com/doc/76589644/The-Shadow-Conflict-Book-One

In the days ahead I am going to feature each of the characters in a post all their own, complete with pictures, history and other tidbits.  Stay tuned!


New year, new beginning December 27, 2011

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Elemental Tamers

Meet the cast of 'The Shadow Conflict', from left to right: Earth tamer Kaia, Water tamer Azura, Shadow tamer Braeden, Light tamer Harmony, Wind tamer Anila and Fire tamer Ember.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog solely dedicated to my young adult fantasy novel, The Shadow Conflict.  This particular story has been living inside my head since 2005, and has undergone many, many changes since then.  For years I wrestled with whether or not all the changes indicated this was a story I was meant to tell, but no matter how hard I tried, or how many other projects took up my time, the story of Braeden and Harmony always crept back into my thoughts.  The trials they face, and the bravery they display in the face of them, has been an inspiration to me.  Because of this, I simply must share their story.

The road from word document to published book is long and fraught with challenges.  I have had my fair share of rejections over the years.  Yes, I have been dissuaded at times- who doesn’t feel that way after being denied?- but I still press on.  As much as I would love to have a copy of my book in my hand, the advent of eBooks has indicated the direction publishing has gone, so I must go with it.  Self publishing, once thought of as a last-ditch attempt for writers, has been reinvented through eBooks.  Popular novels that started in electronic format have gone on to become best sellers thanks to word of mouth being sped along by social media.  Places such as Lulu.com offer services to assist the budding writer with self-publishing.  I admit that when I opted to go this route, I was not prepared for the technical aspect of creating the specific file needed to transform it from document to one compatible with ereaders such as Kindle and Nook.  Here is where you, the reader, come in: if you would like to help me epublish The Shadow Conflict please, feel free to donate.  There is no set limit on donations: I leave that to your discretion.  However much it is, I am grateful for your support.

To show my gratitude, I will link the entire story here, and dedicate the rest of the blog to information related to the characters, their world, and history.  I would not deny you to opportunity to read it, for I have only ever wanted to share this story with others.   It is my hope that Braeden and Harmony will move you as much as they have moved me.  Happy reading!