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Caeher: An Introduction January 5, 2012

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Five hundred years ago, a terrible earthquake cut the land of Caeher in two and sent its remaining population fleeing for their lives. In the wake of this devastation, the powers of the elements themselves surged forth: Light, Shadow, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Soon Caeher’s remaining population found themselves able to exact a measure of control over one of the six elements. Armed with these new powers, the people planned to rebuild their broken world. However, the ability to manipulate the elements brought out the darker side of humanity and launched what would be known as the Element Wars.

This terrible strife threatened to destroy what was left of Caeher until the elements themselves interceded. Selecting six individuals whose hearts longed to restore the world, they were instructed to join forces and put a stop to the war. In order to succeed, these six were granted full control over their representative element. Later on they would be called elemental tamers.

The conflict lasted for five, grueling years. At its conclusion there was much rejoicing in Caeher as the people pledged allegiance to the six tamers. Among them was a young woman named Araceli, who had aligned herself with the Light element. It was decided that she, being the purest of heart and most beloved, would assume command of the newly created Council of Elements. Acting under her new title, Lady of Light, Araceli decreed that they were to rebuild Caeher and sent her five companions out to be the figureheads for this. They were Shadow tamer Dorjan, Fire tamer Aiden, Earth tamer Adamina, Water tamer Evadne and Wind tamer Makan. Accompanied by those touched by the same element, they spread out across the land, bringing rise to great cities and towns.

Major Cities in Caeher

Caeher is divided into Eastern and Western. To the east of Ayseli, capital city, lies Claybourne Manor, Marahan, and Ashe Grove; Tamal to the southeast. West is Tovrea, Erimenthia, Weylin, with Port Aiden and Nyree lining the coast and Sohali out to sea, Haven to the north.

Their influence grew, as did their families, until the time for succession was at hand. Araceli, presiding over a ceremony accompanied by her five companions, saw their children properly acclaimed: her daughter Lailie, Evadne’s daughter Meriel, Adamina’s son Blair, Aiden’s daughter Aideen, Makan’s son Vance, and Dorjan’s son Jett. Lailie was proclaimed Lady of Light, signaling the end of the reconstruction in the wake of the Element Wars and ushering in a new era of prosperity.

But all was not well within the new Council. Jett did not believe that all elements should work together, but should be governed by Shadow and Light. When his attempts at convincing Lailie of this failed, he took matters into his own hands. After murdering his own father, he marched an army of shadow people across Caeher, succeeding in capturing and killing former fire tamer Aiden before heading east, where he murdered Adamina. Blair and Aideen demanded retaliation, which Lailie had no choice but to honor. The Shadow Conflict had begun.

Three years had passed before the Council succeeded in ending the war. But Jett’s treachery ran deep; from then on, Shadow and all its representatives were considered outcasts. With Lailie’s descendants vowing to prevent Shadow from rising up again, and those of Jett’s blood fighting to reclaim all they had lost, the seeds of hatred, mistrust and suspicion were sown, plunging both sides into a centuries’ long struggle that would spread across Caeher like a plague.

Today, the same perception of those born of Shadow exists. Caeher’s rulers have long upheld Lailie’s decree; however, there is one who would challenge this belief in order to reunite the elements for the benefit of the people. Her name is Harmony, daughter and heiress of the current Lady of Light, Helena. This want to see the elements together again is bolstered by her love for the heir of Shadow, Braeden. Together, they will face trials and choices that, in the end, will transform Caeher for all time.


New year, new beginning December 27, 2011

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Elemental Tamers

Meet the cast of 'The Shadow Conflict', from left to right: Earth tamer Kaia, Water tamer Azura, Shadow tamer Braeden, Light tamer Harmony, Wind tamer Anila and Fire tamer Ember.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog solely dedicated to my young adult fantasy novel, The Shadow Conflict.  This particular story has been living inside my head since 2005, and has undergone many, many changes since then.  For years I wrestled with whether or not all the changes indicated this was a story I was meant to tell, but no matter how hard I tried, or how many other projects took up my time, the story of Braeden and Harmony always crept back into my thoughts.  The trials they face, and the bravery they display in the face of them, has been an inspiration to me.  Because of this, I simply must share their story.

The road from word document to published book is long and fraught with challenges.  I have had my fair share of rejections over the years.  Yes, I have been dissuaded at times- who doesn’t feel that way after being denied?- but I still press on.  As much as I would love to have a copy of my book in my hand, the advent of eBooks has indicated the direction publishing has gone, so I must go with it.  Self publishing, once thought of as a last-ditch attempt for writers, has been reinvented through eBooks.  Popular novels that started in electronic format have gone on to become best sellers thanks to word of mouth being sped along by social media.  Places such as Lulu.com offer services to assist the budding writer with self-publishing.  I admit that when I opted to go this route, I was not prepared for the technical aspect of creating the specific file needed to transform it from document to one compatible with ereaders such as Kindle and Nook.  Here is where you, the reader, come in: if you would like to help me epublish The Shadow Conflict please, feel free to donate.  There is no set limit on donations: I leave that to your discretion.  However much it is, I am grateful for your support.

To show my gratitude, I will link the entire story here, and dedicate the rest of the blog to information related to the characters, their world, and history.  I would not deny you to opportunity to read it, for I have only ever wanted to share this story with others.   It is my hope that Braeden and Harmony will move you as much as they have moved me.  Happy reading!